Monday, December 21, 2009

Goodwill Hunting- Part 2

What a pleasant surprise it was to be taken to a Goodwill I did not know existed. So it seems the Goodwill gene runs in the family.
In other words, I got it from my momma.
I was greeted at the Chesterfield Goodwill by Dior trench....oh hello! Would not be worth the trip if the treasure was not buried somewhere. Finding Dior was too easy, and too big (size wise) actually. So, I left him for some vintage sweaters.
My mom asks, "how can you spot the good stuff". "I am a seasoned professional", I say. Not really, I just said, "umm, look for something cool and if it says something I recognize, I put it back." Unless it is one of my designer friends. Then, I invite them into my cart.
With these bargain shopper habits, I hope to support the little guy for a while. By that I mean my is so very small.

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