Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recycled WRapper

filled with a lot of learning.
most days are.
this day i enjoyed my experiences.

1. opening is better than closing.
2. be a bitch to a bitch= free lip gloss...?
3. tapas means a lot of things.
4. i am a mini sushi rollin machine
5. sushi is an awesome, edible art
6. banzai is amazing. look it up. purchase it. you will love it.
7. Newspaper= great wrapping a whole new meaning to recycled WRapper

Meaning of today's experiences:
*1. in retail, during holiday, in the cold, put me at the mall as early as you want. i get a parking spot. i get there long before the crazies. i get to leave just when things get hectic. retail worker's perfection.
*2. every experience i have had at a fragrance counter has been interesting, to say....the very least. i am definitely a daisy girl. daisy girl lover/ fragrance sales lady rubbed her nose across my saturated wrist and told me so. DKNY be delicious lady was curious. she prompted a sale with lots of free stuff but only gave up some. then she was not nice. then i became not nice. then i got free lip gloss. if that didn't make sense. i am aware. if it did. tell me what it means.
*3. tapas and sushi party became more like every kind of cheese and some sushi party. which is cool. my hips will be more insulated all winter now.
*4. my sushi comes in huge, monster roll and teeny baby. i became so amused with creating itty bitty sushi rolls and began to wonder if there is a world record for smallest?
*5. it became such an amusement that i began disecting the little baby rolls and reconstructing them into interesting to come soon. way more interested in making than eating.
*6. as far as i am concerned, bansai is the coolest game i have ever seen/played. that could keep a whole room attentive and interactive for hours. and of course it was turned into a drinking game.
*7. Its all about being different(+/-). if you get a gift from me for xmas, it will be wrapped in the st.louis post dispatch. even made newspaper bows and ribbon...proud moment right there. just call me the recycled WRapper.

long day. felt like a whole weekend. it was awesome.

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