Thursday, February 18, 2016

Paying taxes in a building like less. My Love affair with St. Louis continues.

I moved to St. Louis, MO in June 2012. 
Zach and I found a beautiful 4 family style apartment right across from Tower Grove Park in South City. 
I immediately fell in love with the 1900's architecture and charm. Being right off the park was incredible. We took long walks, bike rides, played in a softball league and even took our engagement photos in Tower Grove Park. We loved it. 

In 2014, we got married and in 2015 Zach and I found a gorgeous home, just 3 miles south of Tower Grove Park. We were able to stay in South City and now live in the home of our dreams!

Amid living our happily ever after, well life happened. I thought I was adulting super hard but missed the fact that not only had my license plates expired, I never transferred over my personal property tax from St. Charles County.

I now introduce you to my week of crashing back down to feeling naive, helpless and, well, dumb. Super dumb.
I am a by-the-books, rule follower. The idea of being insubordinate on not only my plates, but my taxes?! Ugh. 
Phone call after phone call of dead ends, just trying to figure out what I had to do to get settled up with my personal property tax and vehicle plates. 
Everyone forwarded me to another person who always told me I needed to go to the Collectors office in person. 
In person? What century are we in?! 

Well, apparently we are in a past one because the place I was sent to was like an enchanted castle.

I took off work early and headed to my Collector of Revenue's office at the St. Louis City Hall in downtown. I have driven by this place so many times, just never really thought further than how creepy awesome it looked!

Today, I had the absolute pleasure of getting to go inside.

Visiting City Hall to pay expensive personal property taxes and a renewal on my license plates in any other setting would have made me absolutely miserable. I would have been so upset upon leaving and just annoyed with the whole process. 

I am a sucker for old architecture and nothing else mattered so long as my curiosity could wander, photos could be snapped and a few questions to the security guard could be answered. I was blissful with my random and unexpected Thursday adventure.  

Although I still feel immature for not knowing the proper protocol for updating my life and license, its almost like I got my happily ever after anyway :)

xo, indubitably me.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

All black everything(almost.)

Sunday vibes are all black everything(almost). 
Its crisp and sunny out today, my favorite combo to layer on my look, one detail at a time.

My Spinelli from Recess look was inspired by my new boots. They were begging to be worn with my leather jacket, both of which were designer steals. Right place at the right time kind of deal ;)

My look would be incomplete entirely without awesome hair color from my sister stylist. She is a hair magician as far as I am concerned. I love how she's been doing my pops of warm carmel while still keeping my natural color popping through. I keep the color looking great, no matter how grown out it becomes, my using a Bio Ionic Style Winder to wrap/curl my hair. Makes for some super loose waves. 

Any time I want to feel extra fancy, I pop on my Mainland Revival magna ring. It's so pretty and the perfect amount of finger flair. (did I just say finger flair....)

My outfit staple items:
- Gold necklace combos(intermix depending on the day)
- Cotton long sleeve dress from BOOHOO(online)
- Opaque tights from Express(by far the best EVER and last foreverrrr)

Sunny days are made for smiles and sunnies. Love! Hope you enjoy your day!

>>xo, indubitably me.

Monday, February 1, 2016

My long term love affair with all the flowers

I can't tell you when it began but I could try. My grandma, aunts and even an uncle have always had their hands in the soil. I always thought weeding was a big bummer but only after owning a home and garden of my own, truly appreciated what they were doing(or rather growing). 

It was always my favorite growing up, aside from collecting shiny rocks, to walk their property and collect pretty things to make arrangements with. It's my dream to have the same around my own home. Here are some of the beauties I found and arranged from my parents house.

In honor of my love for all florals and upcoming Valentine's Day, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and introduce you to some of my favorite floral memories.

Caught up in love with some flowers. This was during a college trip to New York. I haven't met too many flowers I didn't like. Or maybe I was just so excited to see something green in the city for once. I will call it a tie between the two.

In college, I was able to study abroad in London. During a walk home with my flat mates, we came across the most beautiful, flowering tree. It was just snowing petals so whimsically. I collected some of the blooms and made an arrangement for my room.
Of course, so many things about my time in London were magical...

Portabella Market in London was one of my favorite places ever. So eclectic, colorful and free. I took one of my favorite photos while there of a Wild at Heart florist shop. I got to take home a little floral treasure with me that day.

I went to school to study fashion, so you bet we had "fashion shoots". This one was actually for Sseko Designs. My friend Jen took the photos and I think always just gravitate my body to the greenery. Climb that tree and lay on it? No problem! Lay on the cold wet grass, absolutely! Pretend to pick flowers, oh was I supposed to pretend? Can I keep these...?

One of the few photos I have seen from my actual college graduation ceremony. I felt so lucky to have found it on the school's website shortly after and it happens to be one I am most fond of. Stephens (my college) gave each of us girls(yes it was an all girls school) a Gerber daisy. It was so special and sweet. I do have to admit, think I mostly like like this photo because it showed off my favorite ring I got while in London and my manicure with the best nail polish color ever: Essy Lucky Lucky Lavendar!

After college, I moved to New York. I was overwhelmed by the amount of gorgeous, fresh flowers everywhere. Why are they EVERYWHERE in New York. Yes, everywhere.
I would buy myself a $10 bouquet almost every week to keep in my room. It was the most wonderful thing. I still can't believe how you could get a $10 bouquet of a dozen roses and a great mani/pedi for $19 in New York. Those were about the only cheap things in that city.

I was so fortunate to have had such amazing friends and neighbors in Astoria, New York. Me, Farzie and Michelle would drive out to Mattituck, Long Island to spend time on the beach, visit the wineries and shops around town. It was possibly the most relaxing weekends I've ever had. I day dream of our time there often. 

More from our walking trip of Long Island. Just breathtaking...and this doesn't even touch on the ocean views beyond the amber fields. It's like nature exploded out of a national geographic magazine here.

My friend Farzie introduced me to the floral shop of my dreams. It was by her work, at the time, in Long Island City, NY. It was called {fLo rE sta}. She always came home with the prettiest and most unique arrangements. I had to visit and I had to have one. The shop was full of vintage silver and mercury glass containers. It was a place I wanted to be in forever. It was stunning and a huge inspiration for me that I still draw back on today as I embark on my floral dreams (or rather reality).

 This was my favorite arrangement while in New York. Farzie gave it to me as a parting gift as I was moving from New York back to Missouri. It was from {fLo rE sta} and was so little but so complex. Ever since, I have wanted to make an arrangement with a baby cabbage flower. One day, little baby. One. day...


As for my love of flowers in recent years, you all are catching it in real time. My love for flowers and planting just keeps on growing. Stay tuned..

>>xo, indubitably laura 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Terrarium Planting Party - what's that?

You may have seen from my blog or if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I make succulent arrangements and terrariums! 
So far, I've had two super fun terrarium planting classes. But what does that mean?

In the class, I teach how to plant and keep alive a beautiful succulent terrarium or arrangement. They are so beautiful and fun to put around the house! 

Class includes everything you need:
- Tererrium of your choice
- planting materials
- 1 succulent to plant (additional can be purchased for $5 each) 
- Wine and snacks...really great snacks (I don't know about you but I am more creative with some wine in hand )

Everyone puts their own personality and creativity into their arrangement. 

We have so much visiting, sipping, snacking and planting. It's so peaceful and the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening with friends!

I can't wait for the next class!! So many great ideas for upcoming class concepts and awesome people who want to learn! 
Some new ideas include a kid planting class and using toys to plant in, like dinosaurs! More to come on that! 

In the meantime, I've had an absolute blast making arrangements to see locally. 

Working on making them to ship as well!! So exciting to see my little hobby grow into more. As I like to say, if you love something, let it grow!

>>xo, indubitably me

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pt. 2: My Visit to Baisch and Skinner Wholesale Floral Market

Baisch and Skinner has been in business since 1952 selling fresh cut flowers and greens, potted plants, silk and dried flowers, decor, wicker, giftware and floral supplies.

The array of fresh flowers, plants and decor is stunning. The light and warmth pours through the greenhouse, giving life and vibrance to all the plants inside. It is breathtaking.

Walking through carefully and quietly as if to not disturb the peace and tranquility of the room. Looking around in awe as if in a priceless art gallery of all your favorite pieces, only they are all of your favorite plants and flowers. It is magical.

Read more about Baisch and Skinner via their website and in the wonderful article in STL Today - links below. Baisch and Skinner is a true St. Louis treasure.

Photos c/o: Angela Lopez

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My visit to Baisch and Skinner Wholesale Floral Market

Have you ever pulled up to a building and got so excited just by the looks of it from the outside that you don't remember parking the car? Well, maybe thats just me...
Tonight my heart exploded and I went to floral heaven at the Baisch and Skinner Wholesale Floral Market.

As a St. Louisan and floral lover, I should have known that on Lasalle Street in South St. Louis was the magical Florist Row. I think the universe was keeping me from it until I reached a certain maturity in which I could handle it. Well, the universe introduced me a little prematurely because I was absolutely overwhelmed by all of the beauty, magic and life within the sprawling complex.

Maybe you are wondering how I got here. I kind of forgot that part too...through all my gawking.
Fate played a hand in this visit. About 3 years ago, I was newly engaged and hitting up all of the bridal shows I could. I had the pleasure of meeting Angela Lopez of Elegance in Bloom at one of the bridal shows. I immediately fell in love with her unique arrangements and became immediately interested in having her create our wedding florals.
After many meetings, emails and texts we designed together the most magical arrangements for my wedding. They were far more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. What does this have to do with ending up at the floral market?

Angela, my amazing florist, and I kept in touch over the last few years. 
I had been thinking about the option to start purchasing my florals direct from a local source but wasn't sure where to begin. It only occurred to me last week that Angela had spent the last year working full time at a floral wholesaler. <<MAGIC!!>>
Angela is the sweetest and immediately offered for me to visit and check the place out. The rest was a blissful, floral lovers dream. 

Angie took me on a full tour of Baisch and Skinner. Through the green house, flower cooler, greenery cooler and even across the street to the arrangement accessory and decor haven. I was in love with everything and of course could have stayed for hours taking in all of the beautiful sights and scents.
I ended up leaving with a box full of succulents, a few air plants and a heart so heavy I thought I might just explode with tiny emoji hearts all over the sidewalk!
I did mention earlier that I forgot where I parked? At the first sign of the building, I stopped and parked right there, half way down the block. I was so happy and excited that I sprinted all the way back to the car. Just so much JOY you guys.

A huge thank you to Angie and the wonderful people at Baisch and Skinner for allowing me to come visit!

Check back in tomorrow for Part 2 of my visit to Baisch and Skinner Wholesale Floral Market.

>>xo, indubitably me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Getting DIRTy {with planting}

I love plants. I always have. As a kid, I wanted to work at a florist. When I got to highschool, I found that in my town only family lines and old ladies worked in floral shops. So my "dream" was shot but I didn't stop loving. 
I loved making bouquets out of twigs, bushes or buds from the yard to make random arrangements. It always hurt a little to see them die inside though. I love bringing the outdoors inside to live. 

Keeping plants alive has never been my thing though. I didn't have a green thumb...I still might not but my disguise is choosing easy, low maintenance plants that look awesome. 
Succulents are the perfect "I'm not a plant person" plant. 
They are easy peasy and I love teaching people how to create their own indoor arrangements that they can enjoy for a long time(so long as they can remember to squirt some water on it once a week.)

I love mixing textures and colors to make beautiful, organic arrangements(swoon😻💕). No matter how they are arranged, they just look beautiful, the messier the better. I have some plans for new arrangements so stay tuned as I plant play and share away! 

>>xo, indubitably me