Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My visit to Baisch and Skinner Wholesale Floral Market

Have you ever pulled up to a building and got so excited just by the looks of it from the outside that you don't remember parking the car? Well, maybe thats just me...
Tonight my heart exploded and I went to floral heaven at the Baisch and Skinner Wholesale Floral Market.

As a St. Louisan and floral lover, I should have known that on Lasalle Street in South St. Louis was the magical Florist Row. I think the universe was keeping me from it until I reached a certain maturity in which I could handle it. Well, the universe introduced me a little prematurely because I was absolutely overwhelmed by all of the beauty, magic and life within the sprawling complex.

Maybe you are wondering how I got here. I kind of forgot that part too...through all my gawking.
Fate played a hand in this visit. About 3 years ago, I was newly engaged and hitting up all of the bridal shows I could. I had the pleasure of meeting Angela Lopez of Elegance in Bloom at one of the bridal shows. I immediately fell in love with her unique arrangements and became immediately interested in having her create our wedding florals.
After many meetings, emails and texts we designed together the most magical arrangements for my wedding. They were far more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. What does this have to do with ending up at the floral market?

Angela, my amazing florist, and I kept in touch over the last few years. 
I had been thinking about the option to start purchasing my florals direct from a local source but wasn't sure where to begin. It only occurred to me last week that Angela had spent the last year working full time at a floral wholesaler. <<MAGIC!!>>
Angela is the sweetest and immediately offered for me to visit and check the place out. The rest was a blissful, floral lovers dream. 

Angie took me on a full tour of Baisch and Skinner. Through the green house, flower cooler, greenery cooler and even across the street to the arrangement accessory and decor haven. I was in love with everything and of course could have stayed for hours taking in all of the beautiful sights and scents.
I ended up leaving with a box full of succulents, a few air plants and a heart so heavy I thought I might just explode with tiny emoji hearts all over the sidewalk!
I did mention earlier that I forgot where I parked? At the first sign of the building, I stopped and parked right there, half way down the block. I was so happy and excited that I sprinted all the way back to the car. Just so much JOY you guys.

A huge thank you to Angie and the wonderful people at Baisch and Skinner for allowing me to come visit!

Check back in tomorrow for Part 2 of my visit to Baisch and Skinner Wholesale Floral Market.

>>xo, indubitably me.


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