Monday, January 25, 2016

Planted. Where my love for plants started to grow.

>>Somewhere deep inside are feelings and ambitions that are just waiting to grow<<

My love for plant did not come from a gift with them. To be quite frank, I hated plants. Well, they hated me first. They say I killed them, I say they died. Regardless they never made it. Until one random trip to the grocery store changed everything.

>>The original Peace Lily<<
I went to buy some flowers for my house. I often did this because I love LOVE flowers and enjoy having them in the house when people came over. It just makes everything look photo perfect, fresh and alive.
That day, I saw a pretty little green plant. It was cheaper than the flowers I typically purchased. Instructions were straight forward. Though there were no flowers on this plant(yet), it looked like something I could handle.
Not only did I handle it, it grew! It grew all these beautiful flowers and I learned it was a Peace Lily. I fell in love with growing my home decor right then and there.

>>I wanted basil. What I got was more...a lot more<<
After success with the lily, I dabbled in growing a tiny herb garden. It started with just wanting basil. I love making pita pizzas and always purchase fresh basil so why not pluck from my own back yard?
The herb garden didn't do well, it did great! It out grew its tiny plot almost over night. I could hardly keep up with it but had more than enough basil, mint, dill weed and others (I can't remember) to last us all summer.

>>Succulents found a place in my heart and home<<
We had a gorgeous fall in Missouri. My outside plants stayed in full bloom way longer than expected. My gardens grew almost effortlessly. 
With the cold came longer days spent inside and my budget for purchasing real flowers to bring life indoors dwindled as home expenses increased. Not to mention, I have cats that love to eat plants, flowers especially. I wasn't into buying flowers that had to be locked in a room to be forgotten and die. 
On a random trip to Home Depot, I got stuck in the plant section. If only I could grow my arrangements and just bring them out when I wanted. Then, I wouldn't have to buy flowers every time I had guests. They would be growing on deck for the occasion. Smart. 
I purchased some potting essentials and started with about 6 arrangements. I loved planting them. My heart exploded with my new creations. It was euphoric. 
I scattered my arrangements throughout my house and thought of clever ways to display them. 
>>Cat safe, living home decor<<
I was addicted. It seemed everyone else was too. I received an amazing response to my new hobby. My sweet little creations haven't just grown and served as home decor, they've helped me find a part of myself I never knew I had. 
Apparently, this piece of me is deeply rooted and shared by many of my family members, past and present. What an honor to be compared to my aunts, uncles, grandparents and even great-grandparents and their effortless skill with plants. 
I wouldn't call this a gift. It's a blessing and I am so thankful. Now, grow little babies, grow. 

>>xo, indubitably me.

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