Sunday, February 7, 2016

All black everything(almost.)

Sunday vibes are all black everything(almost). 
Its crisp and sunny out today, my favorite combo to layer on my look, one detail at a time.

My Spinelli from Recess look was inspired by my new boots. They were begging to be worn with my leather jacket, both of which were designer steals. Right place at the right time kind of deal ;)

My look would be incomplete entirely without awesome hair color from my sister stylist. She is a hair magician as far as I am concerned. I love how she's been doing my pops of warm carmel while still keeping my natural color popping through. I keep the color looking great, no matter how grown out it becomes, my using a Bio Ionic Style Winder to wrap/curl my hair. Makes for some super loose waves. 

Any time I want to feel extra fancy, I pop on my Mainland Revival magna ring. It's so pretty and the perfect amount of finger flair. (did I just say finger flair....)

My outfit staple items:
- Gold necklace combos(intermix depending on the day)
- Cotton long sleeve dress from BOOHOO(online)
- Opaque tights from Express(by far the best EVER and last foreverrrr)

Sunny days are made for smiles and sunnies. Love! Hope you enjoy your day!

>>xo, indubitably me.

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