Thursday, February 18, 2016

Paying taxes in a building like less. My Love affair with St. Louis continues.

I moved to St. Louis, MO in June 2012. 
Zach and I found a beautiful 4 family style apartment right across from Tower Grove Park in South City. 
I immediately fell in love with the 1900's architecture and charm. Being right off the park was incredible. We took long walks, bike rides, played in a softball league and even took our engagement photos in Tower Grove Park. We loved it. 

In 2014, we got married and in 2015 Zach and I found a gorgeous home, just 3 miles south of Tower Grove Park. We were able to stay in South City and now live in the home of our dreams!

Amid living our happily ever after, well life happened. I thought I was adulting super hard but missed the fact that not only had my license plates expired, I never transferred over my personal property tax from St. Charles County.

I now introduce you to my week of crashing back down to feeling naive, helpless and, well, dumb. Super dumb.
I am a by-the-books, rule follower. The idea of being insubordinate on not only my plates, but my taxes?! Ugh. 
Phone call after phone call of dead ends, just trying to figure out what I had to do to get settled up with my personal property tax and vehicle plates. 
Everyone forwarded me to another person who always told me I needed to go to the Collectors office in person. 
In person? What century are we in?! 

Well, apparently we are in a past one because the place I was sent to was like an enchanted castle.

I took off work early and headed to my Collector of Revenue's office at the St. Louis City Hall in downtown. I have driven by this place so many times, just never really thought further than how creepy awesome it looked!

Today, I had the absolute pleasure of getting to go inside.

Visiting City Hall to pay expensive personal property taxes and a renewal on my license plates in any other setting would have made me absolutely miserable. I would have been so upset upon leaving and just annoyed with the whole process. 

I am a sucker for old architecture and nothing else mattered so long as my curiosity could wander, photos could be snapped and a few questions to the security guard could be answered. I was blissful with my random and unexpected Thursday adventure.  

Although I still feel immature for not knowing the proper protocol for updating my life and license, its almost like I got my happily ever after anyway :)

xo, indubitably me.

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